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Bubbling theater is a unique organization, that seeks to create original relationships between the stage and the audience.



In Bubbling theater, we are bringing our audience a living fantasy, combining a simple story, visual arts, a lot of humor and the magical art of bubbles. Instead of words, we use the language of innocence, joy, and laughter.

Bubble Travel

Bubu and Bubu, a very strange duo, are flying away to explore the world, on their hot air balloon.

From the very first moment, starts a funny and exiting adventure, Up in the sky and in different countries.

The two clowns will learn a bit of the various cultures and and give the local folklore their own comic translation, with the wonderful bubbles.


Bubble Travel is a crazy and delightful indoor\outdoor show, combine visual arts, pure comedy and the spectacular soap bubbles.


It is a show for the whole family

45 min.


Created by: Lee Nachat Shallom

Dramaturgy and artistic consultation: Keren Cohen Israeli

Actors: Lee Nachat Shallom, Daniel Cohen Bevensee\Gil Shamai  

Costumes and stage design: Yasmin Wollek

Shadows design: Jeremie Ravon

באבל טראוול5
באבל טראוול6
באבל טראבל
באבל טראוול4
באבל טראוול3
באבל טראבל1
באבל טראוול
באבאל טראוול2
באבל טראבל2
Bubble Travel

soap opera

אופרה ירוקכתום
soap opera 7
soap opera 5

Making your street happy


A colorful street performance, very sweet and bubbly. Theatrical characters, lightning the outdoor area of your festival or event with splashy big bubbles and laughter.

The structure of the show is flexible, so we can fit it to your event.


It can be an ongoing show, welcoming the audience walking around the place, or 30-minute show in one spot.

soap opera

Under the sea

A unique Visual Movement and bubbles Theatre, inspired by the gorgeous visual outline of the sea, it's waves movements coming in and out and its marvelous sea creatures and their inspiring conduct and motion.


a beautiful chest sank into the deep and was found under the sea by some interesting sea creatures. The chest was the remain of a shipwreck, that submerged to the deep, and it was now a home to those who found it: a sophisticated octopus, a majestic manta ray, a restless jellyfish and more.

They all find it a bit crowded and uncomfortable, but they learn to put their own incontinency aside, to fight a common enemy, who ends up actually being a friend.
The show brightens up social and environmental issues, through the lovely viewpoint of these humanized sea creatures, that teach us how with friendship and collaboration, we can accomplish all. 

Suitable for ages 3-8
The show is 45 minutes long

Under The Sea


A unique visual theatrical performance, combined with amazing bubble effects.


With a band of clapping and dancing decorative hands, funny and fancy lady bubblina start her crazy bath. When Mr. Ankle, Mrs. Heel and the pirate join the scene, it all becomes an hilarious hand and feet theatre, decorated with breathtaking Giant Bubbles. 

Suitable for ages 3-8
The show is 45 minutes long


"A funny and moving show… it touches the heart through humor" - Be'er sheva fringe theatre

"From young to adult, all are fascinated by the magic of the bubbles" - Almina theatre

"A beautiful, refreshing and surprising show" -  Arab-hebrew theatre of jaffa


Creation of: Lee Nahat Shallom and Dana Dvorin
Director: Dana Dvorin
Dramaturgy and artistic consultation: Keren Cohen Israeli
Stage and costumes design: Yasmin Wollek
Original music: Or Mashiah
Production: Bubbling theater


DR Bubble



The Bubble Show, performed by Doctor Bubble himself, provides a new way to present magnificent bubble techniques through laughter and clowning.


with more than 10 years of Bubble stage experience, Doctor Bubble will provide you with a sharp, funny and extraordinary Bubble show.


The show adapts according to the venue - whether it's outdoors or indoor, for large festival through to science fairs and much more. 

All Videos
Amazing Doctor Bubble's Bubble Show In Mumbai (HD)
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Doctor Bubble Street Show- "Play for All", Kosovo 2013
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Doctor Bubble - Moscow Science Festival 2012
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Dr.Bubble Show With Dorato Circus
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